Isolated Testing

Just thought of sharing something about writing tests with JavaScript. Usually, it's best to keep tests simple and test just one thing per test (the thing is most of the

Ghost 0.5 and Casper 1.0

I'm using the Ghost 0.5 for this blog and I must say I like the new Casper theme. I did change it a bit though. The best news is

on ghost

Tests With litcoffee

The reason why we write tests in the first place is to make sure our code is reliable. In order to achieve that, our tests must be reliable first. This

Empty Function Shorthand

JavaScript is an interesting language and so far my favorite. Maybe it's just me but I find stuff some people complain about javascript such as automatic semicolon insertion, the way

MDN docs easter egg

I just found this awesome Mozilla hidden inside the MDN website. Open the browser console if you dare. _.-~-. 7'' Q..\ _7 (_ _7 _/ _q. / _7 . ___ /VVvv-'_ . 7/ / /~- \_\\ '-

Aggregation for Firebase

Firebase is an excellent service for realtime data. It provides everything you need from data storage to user login and even hosting for your client side web app. One of

Another 'Hello World' to MeteorJS

In this tutorial, I'll try to walk you through building a simple realtime wall (like a guestbook) where anyone can post messages. And let's try to do this without using

Organizing files in Meteor

Starting hacking on a project with Meteor is lots of fun. But things can become a mess very easily. Meteor does not have too much restrictions on how to organize

When not to "Fork" on Github

TL;DR: Fork in Github is not as same as Like in Facebook. Github has Star for that. Fork only when it makes sense or you'll end up with a

Elastic Iframes

Sometimes it become necessary to use iframes when building some web applications. Often we have them hidden but sometimes iframes can be useful visible too. For Node Knockout 2013, I